Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu planning

I know I am a few days late:
  • Saturday: make your own pizza night
  • Sunday: shrimp pasta
  • Monday TODAY: Steak and brown rice with steamed veggies
  • Tuesday: BLT (Tball night) but I will be having a BLTZ  Save bacon slices from tomorrows burgers!
  • Wednesday: Hamburgers/Turkey burgers
  • Thursday: Haddock
  • Friday: Minute steak Fajitas
  • Saturday: 2 parties no cooking for me!
  • Sunday: Grilled chicken and zucchini
  • Monday: Tilapia tacos
  • Tuesday: Sausage Subs – I found a new chicken sausage for me that was low cal and low fat – I am going to test it out!
  • Wednesday: BLT (Tball night) but I will be having a BLTZ
  • Thursday: Stuffed Chicken Rolls (Kinda like this )

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