Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple chicken rolls

This is so yummy I have made them the last 2 Sundays!! The photos were not good...they keep getting eaten before i can get a good shot. Just trust me they are yummy!

Take some chicken breast and flatten them till they are very thin. sprinkle a small (1 oz) amount of cheese (i used an Italian blend but would love to try it with asiago) onto the chicken. Spread some chopped apples and spinach and roll chicken up.

Place in a preheated fry pan with EVOO (enough to coat the pan). Brown all sides, add baby bella mushrooms, and a splash of dry white cooking wine. let cook on a medium to low heat until chicken is done. Remove chicken from pan.

To the pan add about a tablespoon of cornstarch to make a rue. then had a splash of apple cider and some chicken broth/stock. When sauce is thickened up pour over chicken breasts (taste great on rice also!). You do not want the sause as thick has gravy. Service with brown rice and homemade applesauce for a full apple extravaganza. you will be lucky to have leftovers!

Sorry i dont have exact measurements....i just wing it and hope it works!!

enjoy...i love it!

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