Sunday, May 15, 2011

So much time…

has passed.  Oh my! I am so sorry that I have not updated this sooner!  I promise to do better.  Ugh I wish I had a good excuse I mean I have been crazy busy and I end each night watching a few minutes of TV with my laptop.  I guess I just have not had the brain power to type sentences!  Facebook is easier I just need to click Like! haha!

Okay let me get you up to date on a few things.  then this week I will go into detail on some fun events and happenings!

wow I need to go back to Easter! Ugh! I have slacked!

This is Emma’s Mess! I mean Emma coloring eggs.  She damaged all her eggs coloring them!  She is a tornado!  They did get colored but you can see the big mess in both photos.  She was done coloring them in less then 2 minutes.


Tyler was more serious and focused like his mother!!!  He even made a camo egg!!


Want to see my egg!


Easter Morning!


May 1st was a big day! David woke tyler up bright and early so they could go turkey hunting.  I heard them leave the house and then at 625 I heard them back in the house!  Because they got this:


That was also the first day of Soccer!  Tyler is still doing great with it!  He really loves soccer because you “get to run all the time!”


We also have Tball going on! Yeah I know I did it to myself!


Its really cute the kids are doing great!

Miss Emma gets a lot of time on the playground!


Okay that’s enough for now!  I will publish this one! and draft a few others so you have more updated during the week!!!

But scroll down I posted 2 quick ones last night!

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