Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weight loss vs. Getting Fit

Pop quiz for you…which Kristen weighted less:

HPIM3338 DSCN2916
2008 - May 2011- March

so what did you guess.. 2008 or 2011?  The answer is later in this post! ( I have to keep you interested!)

In 2008 I lost about 50 pounds from Jan-June.  I stopped eating junk, and a lot of carbs and about 5 times a week a walked on my t’mill.  I would jog a bit but it was mostly speed walking.  I didn’t do anything to increase my strength.  I simply lost weight.

In 2010-2011 I changed everything.  No processed foods, more fruits and veggies, more active.  my workouts are interval training, high intensity!  its cardio, its strength training and more!  I have gained so much strength – this week I did 45 pushups from the toes..I couldn’t even do that in high school.  Last weekend I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes and honestly I have had worse workouts (burpee ladder 20-1).  56 pounds and from a size 20-12 on average.

So do you want the answer to the quiz?  Guess what I weight about the same within about 3 pounds of each other..Seriously. 

I feel the difference is in 2008 I loss weight and in 2010-2011 I am getting fit and healthy.  If I ate like I did in 2008 I would drop more on the scale but its so easy to gain back that way.  I need to keep doing it the right way.

Lets look at those photos again:

HPIM3338 DSCN2914
Then Now

So to sum it up…if you are feeling great, losing weigh/inches and succeed on physical achievements then enjoy it.  Don’t let a metal object with number that sits on a cold bath room floor define your level of success.  Step back and look at the whole photo.

*As a side note, I am sorry the mirror was not cleaned before photos were taken but emma loves to give the mirror baby kisses.  And dang it the rest of the house was’s a give and take in my life!


Jenny said...

Kristen- congratulations girl! You look great! You are such an inspiration to us all. Once school ends- I'll be contacting you to get your workout schedule. I need to get stronger for garden work!

Sarah Brockner said...

You are so amazing!! :) :)