Friday, March 25, 2011

Growing Kids and Growing Family

When did my kids grow?  Who gave them permission..they need to be put in time out.  Lets start with Tyler:

First he knows his address and his phone number.  He can logically argue with me, and make statements that I can not dispute.  Tonight on the way home he told me that when he grows up he is going to be a: Policeman, a UPS driver or a racecar driver!

A few years ago, we were driving to Stephanie’s and Tyler says:  “Mommy look the moon is following us to Stephanie’s house!”  For years he has believed and mad comments about the moon following us.  But today he said: “mommy, I don’t think the moon follows us to Stephanie’s.  I think the moon is so high in the sky that the WHOLE earth can see it.”  Yes Tyler you are correct.

Its may not be significant to you but to me it was, a chapter closed with that statement.

Little miss thinking (aka Emma) is also growing leaps and bounds.  Last weekend she was counting.  1-2-1-2-1-2  She has been singing songs like Twinkle twinkle little start and Rock a-bye baby!  It was so cute.  She even makes sentences now.  Like today she said: where did Jenna go!  She has to do everything tyler does!


This morning when she walked out to the car I realized how big she is getting.  She put her own boots on that she had to pick out from her shoe collections.  she put her own coat on and need her hat perfectly straight.  Her lunch pail was over her shoulder like a purse with her juice in the other hand, just like mommy carries her coffee!  As she walked to her car door she was signing …oh oh oh oh ( from Beyoncé's Single women song).  She was even bopping her butt up and down! DIVA

Now tomorrow our family is growing more!  Our 20 baby chickens arrive at 1030 tomorrow.  We were not suppose to get them till April but they are coming tomorrow all 20 of them.  So while it snowed this week and its been only a high of 32, we are getting chickens!  I am excited to get our own eggs!  Emma will love them and so will Tyler.  The last 2 years we have raised pheasants.  I really wished it would warm up so I could start my garden…I have major spring fever.  I will post photos of the chickens later this weekend!

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