Monday, March 7, 2011


I am so excited! I finished my first 5K on Saturday!  Ok so technically they were calling it a 3 mile.  Some paperwork was stating 5K other 3mile. I will need to google map it but either way:
I FINISHED IN 33:19!!!

I was suppose to run with my GF Lisa, but her uncle had a heart attack and she was at the hospital with her family.  How ironic since it was America’s greatest heart run and walk??  The event raised 1.1M from our small little middle income area.  I raised $195.00!!

I was worried at first about running alone not having anyone to push me.   But I have gotten myself this far I could do this:

I wrote on my hand with eyeliner “you’ve got this”.  My trainer Steve tells us that all the time.  You’ve got this you can finish, turn your mind off. 

That was my before photo, just incase I didn’t finish.  Another good thing about our event, I was never more than 3 miles from the hospital!!!  Safety feature!! lol

The 3 mile run course is not the same as the 3 mile walk.  The Run course is all up hill.  there are a few down hill moments but you are constantly going up some sort of incline.

The worst was heart break hill.  I wish I could find a photo of it for you but at the moment I can not find anything on the internet. or than this article:

I used my MP3 player to set my pace. I wouldn’t let myself walk until I had listened to the 1st three songs – figuring that would put me past the 1st mile. I walked quickly and had a drink of water before running to the base of heartbreak hill.  I pushed myself up the first part of the hill.  then it levels out for a moment during some S turns before you climb part 2.  My legs were burning.  This part I did a combo of running and walking.

The final part is burrstone road and then into the college.  Burrstone road has 2 more hills besides its stead grade up.  I ran to the top of the first hill then walked for a moment.  My legs were on fire.  Then I ran to the top of the second hill, I had a quick walk and water before finishing the final leg without stopping.

I caught my husband unexpectedly and this was the photo he was able to get:
I was so glad to finish! And so hungry!  They had for us water, granola bars, bananas, oranges, apples.  Then if you went to the gym they had subway, Greek yogurt and more.
Like I said I was hungry and not stopping eating while taking photos!  After my banana I did take a photo with tyler who was there to cheer me on!

My husband left the camera on video while he ran to the finish line.  Its kind of like my post race interview its really funny but long…I hope I can upload it!!

I am so glad I ran this event!  Afterwards I chilled in my PJs.  Its funny that you can be so hot from running and so cold from 40 air at the same time!!


Jenny said...

Yeah Kristen! SO proud of you!

devinriggleman said...

KS: this is wonderful, great pics, and a great start for a journal..congrats on your achievment:)