Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project board

For the first weekend in a long time we didn’t have any place to be.  Finally the house got a damn good cleaning.  Then there is the 8 loads of laundry!  But the best part of the weekend was some projects we completed.  I have wanted to make the kids Project boards that they could could all there artwork and projects on.  Today we did it!
Tyler painted his camo colors and pappy helped him add a buck to it!
Emma’s is pink and brown like her room with some flowers and butterflies.  It was not easy to get a photo where you could see the board and a good photo of emma:
Saturday night the kids played dress up:
Friday was a hectic day for us.  Wyatt had to have surgery to remove the fatty tumor from his back. they discovered more then that.  He had a baseball size tumor in with his boy parts that they removed.  So now the poor thing has a ton of stiches and is missing a lot of fur!
Also on Friday, Tyler and David built a wood duck box.  They are going to send the below photo into a magazine contest about wood ducks.  If you ask tyler he will tell you all about how he made it.  He will then tell you that they are going to put it by the lake (AKA Swamp) and watch the wood duck family move in.  The side slides open so he can look inside and see the nest.DSCN2951
He will finish the story telling you how in the fall, he and his dad are going to go out to the lake and shoot them because its duck season.  My husband is raising a redneck…
Next weekend we are hoping to take the kids to maple weekend at VVS but also to start our planting! more to come I am sure!
Have a great week!

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Shannon said...

Busy Family! Great weekend for sure! Im ready to go clean out the camper!