Monday, August 17, 2009

Monkey business

Well last week i attempted my hand at live blogging. It didnt work out too well!! So i will quickly recap our trip!! On friday we went to Adirondack Animal land. It was alot of fun. We all loved it. The drive was a little long for tyler...
Ty: mom/dad are we at the zoo?
Us: no tyler we have more to go.
Ty: But that is going to take a while.

My personal favorite moment was when david show ty all the trucks at the truck stop. Tyler asked why they were there. David told him to rest and eat. Ty responded: Daddy trucks dont eat food.

Finally we made it to the zoo!! Tyler loved the animals. I give them major props for putting the playgrounds in. This park must of been designed by a mom. After so many animals there was a place for the parents to rest and the kids to play on a slide or climb something or go in a little house. It was perfect.

First about me!! I feed a monkey by hand..shocking right? okay now that i have done that i never need to do it again! But my favorite part was the bears. Look how cute they are!! they had a brown and black one! the brown one would sit and whine for you to give it food by the food pipe!

The bears are at the top of the hill. But threw the tunnel were the giraffes. At first tyler didnt see them but when he did omg was he happy and surprised!

We must of feed them a half a brick of crackers!!
As you can see Emma really enjoyed her trip to the zoo!

Here is a fast update on the pheasants. After one got out things have been going well. They are so big and hide really good in the grass. Its hard to get a photo of them. If you look carefully below you will see two of them.
We are hoping to go see baby brayden today. He is going to be so small compared to our little round lady bug!! She is so alert now. Ugh i dont want to go back to work in 3 weeks.

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