Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aunt Laurie's 5 Page Rule

I am really behind on scrapping all the photos i want done. I had hoped to complete all the 2006 photos by the time emma arrived...yes 2006. That didnt happen. Aunt Laurie developed a five page rule. If I scrapped, I needed to do 5 pages! Well the last 2 Tuesdays I have scrapped with the girls but I have not meet my 5 page requirement.

Over the last week I have made up the difference and did 5 extra credit pages!...15pages in 2 weeks I am very proud!

Not sure if I will scrapbook tonight since at 2pm I am getting my wisdom tooth pulled.

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Jenny said...

Wow! That's alot of pages! As for your garlic question~ I waited until October since I was afraid the squirrels or animals might dig them up. I covered the bulbs with dirt, wet newspaper & then piles of leaves & they all came up. Just not as big as I had hoped. Good luck!