Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Town!

Welcome to Baby Town!!!
Around here they come in groups!! Below is little Emma with Baby Brayden! They are only 44 days apart!

As you can see, even the two big brothers, Tyler and Logan are close in age!! THEY ARE SO PROUD!!

It all started in 2005, when Brenda had Logan in March. Tyler arrived 8 months later in November with Little Jenna in May of 2006. Between Brenda, Stephanie and I; we have had 6 kids in 4 years.

For the second "batch" of kids!!! we went in reverse order!! Stephanie had Carter in November 2008, 2.5 years after Jenna. I followed up with Emma in July and Brenda had Brayden last week!

Logan, Tyler, Jenna, Carter, Emma, Brayden equals:

Joy &
Compassion for

Last night as we introduced Emma and Brayden we noticed how close in size their feet were. Despite the 44 day age difference they can stand toe to toe and heel to heel! (Emma Left, Brayden on the Right, with their mommies hands!)

It works out well, each group of boys are the same age to play, with one girl to make into a tomboy! But Jenna and Emma still have Diva time....before long we will be taking them to have a pedicure or tea day! I asked Emma what she thought about all the babies to play with.....

Need I say more?

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Jenny said...

Just adorable! I can't wait to meet all the babies. Makes me feel so old with my pre-teens.