Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick update

Its late sunday night, tyler had too many smores and will not go to sleep!

Friday Mom and I drove to CT for heathers graduation. We stopped in Lee Mass at the outlet mall. I purchased 240.00 in clothing from Carters for only 80.00 Plus they gave me 30 bucks towards a June purchase. A little bit later we stopped at a rest area, i asked mom about the directions to the hotel. She told me it was closer to Heathers college, she knew where she was going. At exit 6 she gave me the directions, the hotel was back at exit 12. Eventually we went to IKEA i love that store!! I wanted to get so many things! On Saturday was the actual graduation, it was very long and hot. Everything time heather graduates, i am pregnant. She is not allowed a masters degree i dont want anymore kids. Besides she let us get on a bus that took us across town instead of to campus where the car was. She went to UNH for 4 years but could still get lost in a circle!!

Today was a run around day. Tyler and I went to BJs and Walmart. We did somethings around the house. Like make dinner, have a fire and cook s'mores! David added a railing to the deck and new stairs to the outside kitchen area (as i like to call it!). While i was gone, David and tyler planted some acorn squash, and onions. They also put up a new fan in our room, moved ours to tylers room and put tylers light up in the hall way!

Well its late and tyler is still on a high from the s'mores....I need meds for my cold....Maybe more tomorrow.

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