Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Weather Profits!

With all this great weather we have been keeping busy:

We planted these sunflowers on Sunday, and i noticed last night that they were already coming up! I have more of these seeds so i may start them this weekend too!

Our first crop of the year!! Our asparagus took off this year looks like we are going to have alot of good eating!

David calls it the pheasant house, i call it the outhouse....darn birds are going to have it good.

Moving Dirt at 7am on a saturday, yawn!!
Digging and planting in the garden! Crops planted are: radishes, beans, peas, chives. Herbs are in the greenhouse with the sunflower and pumpkins! Still more to do!

Hopping around outside! Baking up the sun!

Then cooling off with a little water!!!!

David even mowed the lawn last weekend. This weekend doesnt look as warm but that is good for me! I am not liking the 80 degree weather while being 7 months pregnant! Maybe i will get some more things done this weekend! Today its off to the doctors to check on Emma! I will try to be a better poster this weekend and week. I know it was a while since our last post!!

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