Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mid week update

Okay so many of you may have heard - yes i fell today. Before you freak, the baby is fine. I hurt my foot. The doctor took me out of work the rest of the week to let it heal it's self. She didnt want to take an xray since we dont think its broke. Its not swollen alot and i can walk on it (just hurts like....). I have to keep it elevated and ice it every 20 minutes. I am a big girl the pain is nothing to what i will have in 9 weeks!! but if you do feel bad -ice cream, or pizza would be great...that is what Emma wants... really!

So it kinda sucks because i am stuck doing nothing and i have a ton to do! I did find a super comfy way to play on the internet. I have the Glider rocker pulled up to the desk with a chair of tylers to elevate my foot!! I may move this rig to the craft table and scrapbook alittle bit!! but i am having some fun on the information highway.

Here are some photos from the weekend that I never got around to posting:
My little worker bee:

Jenny this is why i can not hang my laundry outside..Well i can but i will have a different "Fresh" Scent then yours!!

So this is some really bad time photography:

Photo taken Friday morning at 730am:

Photo taken 7am Saturday Morning:

Photo taken 6pm Sunday night:

These must be some Magic sunflower seeds. I hope they dont get shocked when i move them outside. Well that is all for now. I need to go get some ice.

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Jenny said...

Thta's your reason for not hanging laundry? Good excuse {wink}.
Awesome pics on the seedlings. You need to "harden them off" before you plant them outside. I just learned more about it last year. Good luck & take care of that foot!