Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Days

Here is a mothers day project that tyler and I worked on this weekend. My foot is feeling better but i think i did too much yesterday. I did manage to get the mudroom closet cleaned out - I was too embarrassed to take a before photo! We worked in the garden a bit, planted potatoes. David and tyler put the plastic down but the wind from last nights storm did some damage. We are getting ready for Baby Emma i have sorted thru tons and tons of bins of clothes and baby items. I have lots of laundry to do...but its Mothers day!!

Looks like room for more shoes!! i actually disposed of 4 pair and put 5 more in the garage sale i think i can do more shopping!!

24 Potato plants
This morning my darling son gave me a card he made while i napped on the couch yesterday!! Then i also got a gift certificate to time for me Spa. David not only made me French Toast (my favorite that I only get on mothers day or when we go out to breakfast) but he also vac and mopped the floors!

Tyler is going to finish the rest of this blog for me. These are photos he took!
Look close and you will see the beans that are coming up from 2 weeks ago, we planted another row yesterday.
Pappys Lemon aid stand!!
The world from tylers view!

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Jenny said...

Okay~ I adore your last photo & need to do this with my kids. Rest up & feel better!