Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Sunburn

What a day! for the next 8 weeks i just need to be careful! Yesterday i fell off the deck well david caught me and drove a nail into my arm. Then i walked into the counter and bruised the other arm. I was in and out of the house all afternoon and have a nice sunburn from it. I don't even think i was outside that much.

Yesterday we started off with a trip to the doctors. Emma is doing great. According to the Sono she is 3 pounds 12 oz well on her way to be a 8 pounder. The joy of a csection - the pain is the same no matter how big or small they are! i would scan a sono photo but they were not that great. She was moving alot and the cord was in the way of seeing her face.

When we got home tyler and i worked in the garden while david mowed the lawn. Everything is planted!!! Well i still have some herbs but they could get planted this afternoon!

David and Tyler planning the Tomatoes: 5 Roma, 1 heirloom, cherry tomato still to come!

Grandma gave tyler a basil plant and a White Geranium....Well he insisted that it get planted in the big garden...smack in the middle to be exact!!

Okay so this is the "Big Garden"!! The plastic is...(right to left) Tomatoes, Cukes, summer Squash, zucchini. Behind the plastic on the right are all our potatoes and beans. On the left in the back corner is the pumpkins! WE also have spinach, and Dill planted. You can not see our sunflowers but they are out there too! I actually have some space left.....hmmm ideas?

This is our original garden...we use to plant everything in this. HAHA! I have in here now: 2 rows of peas, Lettuce, and carrots. 6 hot cherry peppers, 12 Bell Peppers, and 12 broccoli plants

This garden is new this year! I needed to move my chives and i wanted a place to add Mint so they are going in here. I have not planted the mint yet. But in the mean time i have planted my radishes and my Parsley (well i think) it doesnt look like parsley. Time will tell.

Later, my husband decided to move the hottub from the deck since we sold it. so that created more projects and before we knew was 6pm and none of us had eating dinner! We are putting a small table and the grill where the hottub was. Kinda like an outdoor Kitchen area only not as nice as the ones on HGTV!!
I still need to add some plants and David needs to paint the deck but it will be nice when its done. I am thinking of putting something by the deck that is counter top height for when i am outside cooking. We will also be adding a bench for seating on the deck at that edge .. I think (you know how i change my mind!!).

Well things to do! See you all later!

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