Friday, January 9, 2009

It needs to be done and i need to do it

Tyler the 13 year old!!!

Today we pulled into the garage around noon. Tyler asked to play outside but i told him we needed to clean the kitchen. He says:

you need to stay in side and clean the kitchen. I am going to put my snow pants on. I am going outside to shovel by myself. you clean the kitchen by yourself. Daddy is not home and it needs to be shoveled. I go outside to shovel because it needs to be done.

Doesn't tyler have a bad life?? If the shoveling isn't done tyler needs to do it. Poor little kid!! haha. Sorry i didnt get time to take a photo of him shoveling...i was busy cleaning!!!

In other news, tyler and I both had doctors appointments today. well kinda. Mine went well on time and everything normal. Tylers on the other hand, not so easy. we got to the doctor and they told us we didnt have an appointment. We think i had last years card, but they showed nothing scheduled for tyler in the computer. I know i scheduled his 3 year check up at his 2 year check up. And i put this leave on my projected leave at work - so i have no idea what happened. It wasted an hour of time today. The worse part i had so much motivation right before we left i wanted to get something done around the house. Now, i am so not in the mood! obviously since i am on the computer!

I have to go...tyler just made me a play dough bday cake, and i have to blow out HIS candles!! Figure that one out.

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