Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frozen Motivation

The great freeze of 2009 has officially frozen my motivation. I really need to get my lazy rear in gear and get things done around the house. Right now its just not working out - I mean updating my blog is really not the most important thing that needs be done today!! haha!!

So as soon as i finish this i am going to make dinner (chili in the crock pot) and then get things going. I am trying to be inspired!!

Last night we went the crunch game -they sucked. but they went down fighting! Jon Mirasty was in 2 fights i think he had like 37 penalty minutes - seriously - for you non hockey fans they only play 60 minutes!!
This was the first fight

This was the second fight - what is not seen are the other fights going on behind the Mirasty fight, and me on my chair yelling!
I think it took the refs about 15 minute to do the math on all the penalty minutes.

According to the Internet these are the penalties from this mess:
for Crunch
Mirasty: instigating 2-min, 5-min fighting, 5-min misconduct-instigating, 10-min misconduct,
Rome: instigating2-min, 5-min fighting, 5-min misconduct-instigating, 10-min game misconduct-secondary altercation)

For Hamilton
Henry (fighting) 5-min - poor guy didnt even get a swing in! just got his butt kicked
Anderson (fighting) 5-min - nice broken nose from Aaron Rome

The crunch played old school hockey with their muscles not their skill. Like i said the game sucked but the fights were amazing! Jon came out with his shirt off!! i moved down closer to see. I think the crunch are really trying to mirror the movie Slap Shot! Most hamilton players came away with their face a bloody mess. I guess the Nasty boys are back! Surprising Sestito kept himself out of the punches?

I had 13 people at the game and my name was on the score board for it! Kristen Szarek and Friends! I have decided that is how i am going to spend my 30th birthday - i am getting group tickets to a game and just having a blast!! So keep a saturday in November open for me!

There is a game tomorrow and i am thinking about taking tyler - we will see. If I can get my to do list done that will be my reward - honestly i think if i dont get my to do list done David may do to me what you see in those videos!

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