Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our day in Old Forge

I love fall camping in the ADK.  However its getting harder and harder to do so. Tyler is now in school and has soccer.  David and I always busy.  We wanted to go up and do some things in old forge on a fall day so we opted to just get a hotel room.  The kids have only stayed in a hotel like 2 or 3 times so it was exciting to them.

We arrived around 7pm and there were 2 deer waiting for us!  the kids were so excited they were jumping around the room.  We took them to the indoor pool to get some energy out.   Finally they crashed. David and I didn’t sleep two well – we were waiting for one of them to fall of the bed, around 2am Tyler did.  The kid slept right thru it – David picked him up sleeping off the floor and put him back into bed.  They wanted to know if we could sleep in hotels more often!

We took the kids to the muffin patch for a very expensive breakfast! Who knew that old forge had its own inflation rate.   lol  None the less, the kids loved their ginormous strawberry waffles!  The food was great!!
Adk rr
It was still rather brisk about 45degrees, so we decided to do the train in the morning.  we would be inside the car and its heated.  We were hoping to go south to otter lake but the 10am train goes to carter station. As we were waiting the conductor came over and said he couldn’t get the heat working so dress warm! lol
The kids had fun, they saw deer and turkeys, even some kayakers!  The views were nice as the leaves are starting to turn!
adk rr
After the train we headed over to McCauley Mountain for the scenic chair lift.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.  I have a fear of heights, Tyler gets nervous up high; David and Emma have no fear.  On the way up David took Tyler first, I was stuck with Emma.
this was the scarest moment of my life
She had no fear.  She was moving all around trying to look behind us, and then under us.  I could feel the chair swinging – I was freaking out inside.  This is why I don’t ski, okay its only 1 reason why I don’t ski! How do you keep a 2 year old still when your body is paralyzed by fear?  after a few minutes I started to relax (till the way down!lol)
It was so worth the ride to see the views.
i considered learning to ski at this moment so i could see more views like this.but they changed their minds
081i am thinking that is blue mt?
old forgedont fall down the mountain little sister
final attempt - the batteries were dieing and the kids were bored....
Tyler was so funny on the way down (yeah I made David take Emma) he says look mom – look at that lake. if we didn’t go up this mountain we would of never known it was there!  He was looking at 1st lake!!
After that we had lunch and walked around the village.  We sat at the coffee shop and watched the firemen’s parade.  The kids received fire hats and tons of candy.  After that we headed south but we took a fast detour to the Buffalohead for dinner!!
It was a great trip that like all others, went too fast.

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