Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kindergarten Flooding

Its funny how time just flies buy.  It seems like just yesterday Tyler was born, then he was walking, then he was in Preschool and now Kindergarten. 

Being a mother that fights change like the Democrats fight the republicans, the last few weeks have been challenging.  It would be so much easier if Tyler was going to Mrs. Murphy's class again.  She was an amazing teacher – and I hope it works out that Miss. Emma gets to go to her too.

Before taking Ty to school we snapped two photos at home:


The way our district starts school for the kindergarteners is unique.  On Wednesday we took Tyler to school at 9am.  We all met in the cafeteria until the teachers came and took the students and parents to the room.  There we stepped over each other to sort out supplies and find cubbies with our children’s names.  Most of the students were excited to be starting school and all the new things around them.  The moms were fighting the tears while taking in all the new things around them! In the middle of this David asked me what is wrong…really why would you ask that?!!!

After things settled down the parents left to sit in the cafeteria to have their first meeting with the principal.  No matter what I do I always end up in trouble!  The kids got to read a book, play a game and go on a bus ride.  After the bus ride they were given ice cream at 10am – yes that’s right the district wanted to show them how cool school is ice cream before lunch!  We finished up the day with a game before going home by 11. 

It was nice to go to school with them and see everything and be involved.  However, it was emotional all day.  It feel more like the band aid was slowly being ripped of me.  In some ways I was just looking forward to putting him on the bus and waving good bye.

Thursday was to be the first full (non parent at the school, riding the bus) day of school.  The bus was going to arrive at 825 at daycare….However, at 630am we were put into a 2 hour delay for the flooding of 2011.  Half of the town was underwater thanks to topical storm dumping about 5” of rain in less than 24hours.  By 7am that delay had turned into a cancellation as Route 233 was closed from the thruway to 12b. The town was a mess.

Friday became the new First full day.  David was home so I ran to work and was going to meet them at daycare to see Ty get on the bus.  These are the photos David took:

Think he is excited?!! lol




Dad really no more photos!! I just want to get on the bus!


And with that the bus pulled away with one happy kid aboard.  And pulling in behind the bus was mommy – who missed the entire damn thing. I didn’t get to wave goodbye. I didn’t get to see him climb those stairs that are half his size!  Ugh.  I drove to the school and watched him get off the bus.  I tried for him to not see me (but he did) because I wasn’t suppose to be there.  This was suppose to be his moment.  He wouldn’t look at me. I felt awful..what kind of mother misses that?  Everyone keeps telling me its no big deal the teachers don’t get to see their kids get on the bus. But they have 5 yrs to mentally prepair for that – I had to accept that as I pulled into daycare after a 10 minute road rage behind a stupid tractor trailer. No family photo, no sunshine, no mommy.

He seemed to love his first day.  He was happy and hyper all night.  The funny part – he had a sign around his neck that said eating lunch at school and buying lunch was his favorite part!  Lunch had been my biggest fear! lol.  So the day went down in history not matching up with my supermom visions that I had been dreaming of but it was a good day.

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