Sunday, December 12, 2010

Polar Express

On Thursday we went on the polar express.  We all had a great time, which is not what we expected at 430am!  I will tell you about the polar express then recap the day so you can get a full understanding.

We arrived at Union Station just before 6pm.


After they elves sang a song and selected one little boy to receive the first gift of Christmas we boarded the train.


My kids, or I have never been on a real train.  So this was a new and exciting experience for us.




The train took us to the “north Pole” to pick up santa


Once Santa boarded the train he visited with each family


Both kids were very sleepy, but this was the most he had talked to Santa.  Emma wanted nothing to do with him until it came time to give Santa a high 5!


After the train ride we were treated to hot cocoa and cookies. the kids were just loving it even though they were both so very tired.  Emma was asleep before we even left the parking lot..Tyler was asleep before we got onto Route 12.

To recap my day:  David has been plowing all week from 1am to 1pm, Emma woke up at 130 with a low grade fever.  I gave her Motrin hoping she would go back to bed.  Nope Motrin makes her hyper.  by 330 she had woken up her brother.  I was unable to get both of them back to bed.  At 4am the dog puked while Emma finally went to bed at 5am.  My alarm goes off at 5am so there was no chance of me going back to bed, I did take my time that morning and was  a little late going to work.  I don’t even remember walking into work.  I had planned to get out early for the polar express but work and other ideas.  I ended up being there till 435pm.  when I got to my car I could not find my keys because they were locked inside it.  David had to drive over and unlock the car.  As a result David and I didn’t get dinner before the polar express.  As we drove to utica we realized we forgot emma’s shoes.  I don’t remember going to bed that night but I know I slept for just about 8 hours and I could of slept for 8 more

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