Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas wrapped up in a Blog

good morning everyone!  Can you believe its New Years eve already?  wow.  I have been slacking on my blogging..sorry.  Here is a Christmas recap:

The Tree:

we went with the Hulls to find the perfect tree!

075 097
The boys dragged them out for us.  Our trees were BFF as they grew next to each other!
On this trip, I found out that my kids have the same habit:072

108 127
Emma was not into photos on this trip
116 085
Look Brayden found his tree!


Here is our decorated tree, with a few gifts under it!

If I could find the gift receipt I would return tem, obviously they are not working properly!

We also had Xmas at Aunt Laurie’s!  Dinner, gifts and a cookie exchange who could ask for anything more??!!!!!!

038 Emma tearing into her gift at aunt lauries 12/14/10
My buddy Carter openning his gift at aunt lauries 12/14/2010 Tyler openning his camo! 12/14/2010

We had Christmas at the farm on Sun the 19th

Thank you Santa 12/19/2010 Here you go Tyler !!12/19/2010
The boys playing with their Hess trucks from Santa 12/19/2010 you are out numbered grandpa
ending the party with the wrapping paper war

001 Finally Santa came!  After that it’s a blur.  lots of people, food, cookies, gifts and places.

On the 26th we went into recovery mode but then Tyler got the stomach bug.  we have been cleaning up and putting things away ever since.

So there you have xmas wrapped up in a blog!  I hope to take down the tree today and all the decorations.  Maybe blog a recap of the year.  If I get real adventurous I will even change the background from fall to winter!!!

Happy new year my blogger!

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