Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in overdrive

Every year I say “next year I will not do this, I will not let myself get this stressed”.  And every year I do it again.  I would really like one year of just enjoying the season.  My plan for this year was not to get behind with these goals in mind:

1) get most of your shopping done by Dec 1st

2)get most of your wrapping done by Dec 5th

3)Have all decorations done by the Sunday after Thanksgiving

4)Cookies the weekend of the 12th

Well yes I do have most of my shopping done, it basically the little things left.  I have nothing wrapped, of course I am here on the computer and not wrapping.  Everything was decorated last weekend and next weekend we do plan to get our tree and make cookies. 

Its that darn wrapping that make me stressed, it seems to take so long. And then of course the real problem I have is that I book us for too much. And that is how I get behind! 

Here are the highlights of this weeks festivities:

A visit with Santa at the green


Making plates for Santa’s cookies


003The finished products!

Gingerbread house making!

Last year we made one from a kit and I ended up with my hands stuck to it to keep it from falling.  this year we got one that was preassembled!



Today we basically just hung out at home and did these little projects.  We stayed in our PJs and had a fire all day it was great…until I realized I have to go to work tomorrow….


On Thursday we go to the polar express..wish us luck!

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