Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Spring Day

Tyler told me that its spring day. Not sure what that means but he was outside for most of the day playing. He would play then check on max, play then check on max. At one point he was in playing with Max for a good 20 minutes!!

Jenny found signs of spring at her house last weekend.....I didnt find them until today! My bulbs are starting to come up! However, must max isnt the only bunny in the den because a little cottontail ate the tops of alot of them :(. I am not sure why we have so many rabbit up at the house with a 110 pound lab on patrol. I think he maybe semi retired~!! We have rabbit poo everywhere in the landscaping and we are missing lots of branches on the bushes.

Yesterday we had a snow owl land on our house. I was at the sink and watched it fly right at the house....i thought for sure it was going hit the side of the house. It didnt stay long (like less then a minute) and took off for the swamp. He must be going back north..he was so pretty and pure white. I wish we could of gotten a photo of him.

I really had no motivation today, i just wanted to sit outside in the sun! I hope i dont get spring-ids and can not go to work tomorrow!! I didnt feel the greatest today. We did have a summer dinner that included watermelon. I told david it was for spring but he said it was for baby!!!

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