Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springing into Spring

Okay, first i really hate spring. Its so blah, and muddy. I am sick of wiping the dogs feet, cleaning up the mud from ty's shoes; one day it 60 the next it is snowing....seriously can we just have no rain and like 50s for a week? ok now that i have that out me!!! let me get you caught up.

Last saturday it was so nice out i had flip flops on! tyler and i walked out to the back field and found a pile of snow! it was very fun to walk through the snow on a 60+ degree day! I forgot my camera or i would of take a photo of me standing barefoot in the snow!! (smart move right!!) later on we went to steve and brendas for a cookout. The rest of the week was kinda a blur. We have been busy but not doing anything fun or exciting. I have been very tired, i guess that is what happens when you are 6month prego. I did manage to scrap some one night with tylers help!

So this weekend we kicked it up a bit. On friday the doctor reconfirmed that I am having a girl! I guess that was the confidence that i needed because on saturday, i found a blankets, sheets, bumpers, curtain and more for Emma's room. David and i were out shopping, while waiting to get into see the new vin diesel movie!! This morning we went crazy. Cleaned everything out of her room and fixed the holes in the wall. We are going to paint it a pale yellow hopefully tomorrow.
The downside of cleaning that room out was the disaster it made to the rest of the house. By 1pm we had it all picked up and cleaned, including mopping the floors and folding all the laundry. But i have a plan...which is good since i have thursday and Friday off! I know what i need to get and do!

After dinner we colored eggs. Poor eggs took a flying jump into the colors. I dont know how we didnt crack more! Tyler insisted on putting a bandaid on one cracked on!

Tyler's word of the weekend..Squiggy Wah Wah....thanks to wow wow wubby! Everything and everyone was Squiggy wah wah!!

This morning wyatt would not going outside and play with tyler.....tyler slams the door and says DAMN IT!~ sounds like a little david to me.


HeatherMarie724 said...

Hey! I say Fast & Furious on Friday too!! It was amazing!!

erinlynne1308 said...

I can't believe how big he is! How fast time goes by...