Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Utica Zoo

We all know my kids are wild.  I think that animal instinct is why they love the zoo.  A typical spring to fall includes us attending about 3 different trips to zoos.  2011 is starting early, we made our first trip to the Utica zoo yesterday. 

Thanks to a great seize the deal offer we have a season pass!  The family season pass was offered for 27bucks.  not a bad deal since it also gives us a discount to other zoo, including buffalo zoo which we plan to visit in July.  I only need to go to the zoo twice to recoup my cost after that its all to my benefit.  They told me that they sold 300 of the passes that’s about $9K of bonus income early in the season.


The zoo has been making the news a lot lately.  Despite all the budget and funding issues in our state and area they are not on the news asking for money.  They are talking about the new animals and improvements.  All this leads me to believe they are under new management.  Never the less the improvements were noticeable! 

First this past winter saw the passing of the tigers, that have now been replaced with an awesome Lion!


They are adding over 18 new animals this year.  Including a new sea loin and ostrich (both already there) and an African alley! 


Did you know that an ostrich only has 2 toes per foot? and that his eyes are bigger than his brain?!!! you do now!  I think Tyler’s excited about the new animals, every time he saw a coming soon sign he asked “what animal is going there mom?”

The children's zoo area had the most noticeable changes.  New pavement, and new exhibit going up and a huge new playground!

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While at the zoo we were able to watch a “baby” porcupine get fed a banana!  Okay he was a year old but so very cute I wanted to feed him!


We also watch a peacock putting on a show for the ladies!


Then we came to the goats that you can feed.  Tyler was all over it and so was Emma….well.  She was until she had to put her hand out and feed the goat.  Then she was all about giving the food to her brother to feed the goat!


After that she just picked up all the food of the ground and tried to stick it back in the dispenser.


The kids ended the trip with some ice cream!


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