Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter fun

This winter has been different. We have not had alot of snow but its been cold, and honestly long! Here a photo recap of some fun things.

Emma has been eating solids since xmas (finally). But she would rather play! She was very entertained with her pink bowl

Today is valentines, emma is my dirty valentine!
So funny to be messy

The boys are being silly!

We have been outside alot. Tyler pulling his baby sister~ She did fall asleep and miss most of the fun!
Ice Skating
Okay i may have posted this already!! but i love this photo and i can not wait to embarrass tyler when he is like 17!Last week was the superbowl! We had our own half time show in more than one way!
Emma signing along with the band!
Their 1st superbowl
Our starting Line up!

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