Monday, February 15, 2010

Putting on an Ice Show

After years of talking about going to Millers Mills, this year we finally went. I quickly looked it up on the map to figure out the best way to get there in the snow! We went over Babcock Hill road, that was not a good idea! Either-way, we made it there for all the festivities. Just as things started to get under way it was like a sleety snow and Emma was not having any of it. So David and I took turns staying outside with Tyler watching everything.

Tyler was so amazed by the size of the horses! He was so funny. We all started to get cold and it was a bit hectic being split up so we left without walking up to where they store the ice for the Summer ice cream social (july 18th). So next year we hope to see all of it! but it was alot of fun and we look forward to doing it again. Here are the photos!

Everyone needs hot cocoa (or coffee) and a donut!

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