Monday, February 22, 2010

Syracuse Crunch Outdoor Classic

First let me start off by saying...I borrowed some of these photos. My camera died before the pregame events.

Finally it was here, a hockey game played at the state fair grounds.

I did take the above photo! its one of my favorites. Okay back to the game! the final count was 21,508 people attended! It was crazy

I called withing the first hour that the tickets went on sale to the general public. in the below photo you see Heather, Stephanie and Amanda but look up in the red section. See the blue blanket on the left that was our seats!

690 was very backed up but we went around and got in another way just as they opened another lot for parking. Since everyone was stuck on route 690, the lines were empty. We ate a hot dog and had coffee then we went down to the rink to watch warm ups!

This was the view from our seats as the pregame events began. Jesse Jame sang and we booed Governor Patterson.

This guy was crazy, he jumped from a plane in 20 mph winds to deliver the pucks.
It was so great to see Dan Smith back! I walked right past him till i realized that it was him!

This is one of the best photos i ever took! lolThen they dropped the puck!

and at 1:50 into the game, Mirasty dropped the gloves
Heres the link!

Even MacKenzie got a little aggressive!Who wouldn't want a photo opt with the DD cup?
BIG SEXY!! He needs a raise! He did his normal strip down but this time he went even further!

I love the Bingo is watching and laughing!

After this move he ran and jumped into a hot tub! it was great!

Final score:
Crunch 2 Bingo 1
Big win for Crunch

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