Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

Like any year we saw ups and downs during the year. I was watching the news yesterday, as they recapped the events of 2009, everything was negative. So here is my POSITIVE list:

1) We met our sister

2) we met our daughter

3) we aged well!
Kristen's 30th and Tyler's 4th Birthdays
4) we enjoyed the rewards of our blood sweat and tears

5) we celebrated with Family and remembered with family

6) we ate well

7) opened our homes to others;
Max the bunny

8) we were pampered and took time for ourselves

9) We tried new things
Adk animal land
1st day of preschool
David using a push mower

10) we found hidden beauty:
Chitt. falls
our garden

11) we laughed

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Jenny said...

Happy New Year Kristen! Scrap Your Crap week-end is on! Give Aunt Laurie a call! Woo-hoo!