Monday, April 13, 2009

Week in Review via photos

We have been crazy busy the last week. I have been off of work since Thursday afternoon, I am not going back until the morning of Tuesday the 14th!! Much needed break! I could write a book on all that we have done and seen this week. here is a recap.
We purchased bedding for Emma's room! Its Love bug by Carter, Pink and Choc. brown.

Tyler needed a new dresser to fit all his toys in his room. So we purchased him this one! It's his big boy dresser, his old one he gave to his sister Emma.

I have worked on some craft projects....can you guess where they maybe going?

I have even done some accessorizing!!

Last night we did some decorating!!! I am sure you are getting a good idea of what the room looks like! However, you will wait to see the official room photo for when i feel the room is complete.

On Friday, Tyler had an Easter egg hunt up at the farm. He was one of the first find all 14 of his eggs! He turned them in for his prizes, a basket full of Candy that he wouldn't share with mommy!

A few Saturdays ago Tyler and i planted some random Basil seeds i had left over. Well they have finally started to grown, sorry the photo came out blurry. Tyler is more excited about the big weed in the pot then the actual basil. So i think Mr. Weed will be staying.

Saturday Night was the final Crunch Hockey game until October :( Insert tears here... My sabres didnt make the playoffs either. It is a bad hockey play off season for me!

I finally organized all my pages that i have boxed up. And put them in albums! That was my 9am project today.

We have search for lots and lots of eggs, Friday at the Farm, Saturday at my Moms, Sunday here, Sunday afternoon at Nanas. That bunny was very very busy. Our bunny Max is a cousin to the easter bunny, he helped out the easter bunny in the westmoreland area. Boy was he tired on Sunday, we took him some extra carrots!!

besides the sidewalk chalk, bubbles and tons of candy, Tyler was most excited that the easter bunny remembered his bug vacuum. The only problem we have had is its cold again, and can not find any bugs to test it out on!

Well that is the wrap up from the S-Den! i will try to upload all the photos to webshots later, but a little girl in me is hungry. I also told tyler i would sit on the couch and watch a movie! Guess who is going to fall asleep first!!!

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Jenny said...

I love the pink and brown. Such pretty accessories! Lucky girl...