Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet Annie


Yesterday we adopted Annie from my friend Jenny.  I was at her house in March for her birthday and she mentioned that she wanted to find Annie a good home since her kids were growing up.  Here is Annie’s Story.

This winter we lost max, our beloved bunny.  In October we think he had a stroke.  He was unable to use his back legs but around Christmas time we noticed they were working again.  Then one day this winter I fed him in the morning and he seemed fine.  But 6 hours later when David arrived home he was laid permanently resting in his house.  Tyler took it surprisingly well.  Every morning as Emma walked past his cage to get in the car, she would look for him and tell me I want my bunny Sad smile.


So yesterday afternoon Aunt Cathy and Aunt Laurie delivered Annie,  She had a great adventure as she relocated from east to west.  This lucky rabbit got to go camping!!  They told me she didn’t have any s’mores but I don’t really believe them!


We had not told the kids we were getting Annie so they didn’t know what to think when they saw her.  They thought it was cute but went back to catching butterflies.  Once we told them she was going to live with us, Annie had Emma's attention – 100%


I hope Annie likes living with us as much as she did with Gavin and Scarlett.  I can say in the short few hours she has been with us she has been very spoiled with carrots and lettuce and lots of attention!


Emma is telling everyone about the bunny include the girl cutting her hair!  She forgets her name and some times calls her Anna. 

Last night at dinner time Tyler and Emma were petting her, David called them to come in and wash up.  He said: “wash your hands so you don’t get rabbit hair in your food”  Emma: Daddy she is not a rabbit she is a bunny!!”


This photo was taken by Emma! 

Welcome to the family Annie!  We hope you love it here, and we hope your other family (Jenny, Matt, Gavin and Scarlett) come and visit you often!!

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Jenny said...

I'm so happy to see she has adjusted so well. I knew she'd get as much fresh veggies from your house as she did ours.