Friday, December 30, 2011

The Szarek’s Run on Dunkin


Well I can not say it was an easy decision.  After Wyatt passed it was hard to decide what to do next.  I knew we needed another dog, but the thought of a puppy was, well, to be honest overwhelming.  If I had it my way we would of adopted 2 adult labs, however the kids and David won.  We went down the puppy road…{deep breath}

Puppy Power

A lady at work’s dog had puppies, so we decided that we were going to look at them without the kids.  In other words, we were going to pick one out. Lets be real, do you really think I could play with puppies and not get one?? – If you said yes you really don’t know the real me!

It was a hard decision, they had a female black lab, and the rest were male.  The males  were not dark as the female but not light chocolate like the one chocolate female (that was spoken for or she would have been mine!).  So how did we pick when I had 3 super cute puppies on my lap?  We picked the one that was the biggest, and I mean big, big head, big paws, big love!  Want to see what he looked like that night:


So cute isnt he?  Well we had to wait a few weeks till we could bring him home.  We didn’t tell the kids a thing but they almost found out.  We ran a facebook pole asking for name suggestions but not everyone read the part that it was a surprise for the kids!!

The Name Game

Speaking of his name!  We wanted a name that would match him, since he was going to be a big ole lab we didn’t want anything cute sounding.  It need to be a strong name, the same way that Wyatt was.  We had several name suggestions.  We tried to find names that were tied to the Adirondacks but nothing fit.  David really liked Bruin and so did I.  He means bear and he did look like I bear cub but I didn’t want people to think he was named after the Boston bruins hockey team.  Then Carla suggested Dunkin.  I think she said it jokingly but it stuck and that was his name!

One Saturday Morning

Then one Saturday morning I told the kids I was going to get milk and a surprise.  I think they expected either donuts or chocolate milk!  David had the kids standing by the island when I walked in.

It didn’t take long for everyone to fall for this little guy!


How can you not love him:


Big brother and sister

He adapted really well. He would cry for his mom and bothers/sisters the first few days but the kids would run right over to him.  They would pet or play with him and he would be fine.  He loved Tyler right away.  Here is Dunkin chasing Ty outside:

He didn’t know what to do with Emma (surprise surprise!). She was loud and bounces everywhere.  Eventually he got use to Emma.  He realized that she would throw his toys!  but she had to put a twist on it! listen to her telling him what to do:

480oz Dunkin to go!

He is growing fast.  That first week we brought him home (Nov 6th) he was about 10 pounds, he was over 30 pounds by Christmas. Here’s a quick timeline of photos

Nov. 20th


Nov 27th



Dec 10th

082 103

Dec 24th


A Lab is a Lab, is a duck dog

You can tell Dunkin is a lab, Rain and Snow do not stand in his way from being outside.  He loves to be outside, he loves to go with the kids to get eggs, he loves to attack my burning bush.  He is a nut job!  Any given morning from 5am to 7am I bet you he goes outside 6 times, 2 of them are for potty and 4 of them are to “fart around”!  David and Tyler want him to be a duck dog.  I have to admit this is pretty cute…..


However, I really want a mamas boy!  I hate the idea of wet mucky dog smell of a duck dog. I want a house dog that lays on my feet and keeps them warm!  that follows me around!  I guess I still miss my old chocolate love, Wyatt.  Dunkin is good, he loves attention! He isn't that much of a jumper so far! I hope that doesn’t change!  He does get jealous of the kids on my lap!!  And he thinks its funny to be walking by my foot and attack it.  The boys may take him rabbit hunting this weekend.  We will see how he does, maybe I will bribe him with treats to stay home with me and Emma!

Foot print on our heart

So there you have our new addition Dunkin.  He has left a big footprint on our heart, mainly because his feet are bigger than Emma's!  No because he is cute, loving and 100% lab. He is not Wyatt (and we didn’t expect him to be) but he a definite keeper


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