Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Rewind

I was looking back and last December the same thing happened, I got too busy to update my blog.  Christmas is so overwhelming, so much to do.  Each year, after its over I say the same thing “next year I am going to get all done early.”  Each year its like we rewind to the last and repeat the performance.  February maybe the shortest month, but December is the fastest! 

So here is our quick review of Christmas this year!

It started off at the town green for the tree lighting and Santa visit.  Emma wanted nothing to do with Santa that night but was very happy with the cookies.


The next day we had Christmas at the farm.  Emma wasn’t afraid of Santa that day..go figure!


What is Christmas without cookies?  We did our normal cookie exchange at Aunt Laurie's plus made some sugar cookies at home.  Tyler did great, he is very artistic!  Emma she was a mess!


The tradition continued again this year, as we went with the Hull’s to get our tree!




And then a few weeks later, Santa came!


It was a great Christmas!  Even if we had been Naughty and Nice this year!


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Jenny said...

I love your owl ornament. Where's you get it? I have a whole collection of ornamanets like it.