Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rock Mountain – Inlet NY

Its a pretty regular thing for us to hike bald mountain when we are in Old Forge.  We have seen the parking lot for Rock Mtn and Black bear mountain but never stopped.  I think it was fear of the unknown.

During a camping trip to 8th lake in august a lady with a yellow lab and  I started talking.  Funny how labs link people!!  anyway her family had just hiked black bear on the day we did bald mountain.  She told me that you could see 7th and 8th lake and about the path.  Right then I decided we would climb it during one of our fall trips.  My plan was Rock Mtn while we were camping at Nicks in September and Black Bear while camping Columbus weekend.  So my plan didn't really workout…we hiked within nicks lake park in September and decided that tyler was not up to the 1.9 or 2.2 one way trip up black bear last Saturday.


A so the hiking began.  Emma strapped to my back, Wyatt pulling David up the mountain and Tyler looking for “Clues” (aka trail markers).  It was a beautiful trail, I love the fall colors.  The recent rain had made the trail kind of muddy and the leaves were all over the trail so at times you really did need to use the trail markers to find what way to go.


Mommy take my photo on this rock….


The quick .5 one way hike was well worth it for the great views on this fall day:



David, Tyler and Wyatt rested at the top..Wyatt found his inner-puppies on the way up but crashed at the top.  Miss Emma fell asleep about half way into the hike up.  See missed the entire views at the top:


Our family photo that someone took for us after i tried to get a photo using my timer!  they turned out pretty funny – totally scrapbookable!


Back at the bottom Tyler had fun on the big rock that welcomed you to the trail


Some time 2011 we will hike black bear….(Maybe when Aunt heather foot is healed!)


Who wants to do it with me??? 

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