Thursday, October 29, 2009

tyler payments

Let me recap the last 24hrs.

When we arrived home last night David was paying his bills he asked
about the daycare amount and Tyler interrupted that he had the "taken
care of it". Great we don't need to pay Stephanie.

Later that night I see Tyler take David's wallet from the counter. I
finish hooking Emma in her chair and I take the wallet from him. He
tells me he needs money for his wallet. I tell he needs to earn it and
go back to what I was doing.

This morning we were getting ready to leave for the day, Tyler was
eating breakfast and watching cartoons. I ask David if the check for
Stephanie is in the bag. Before David could answer, Tyler replies "I
took care of it"!! He is set on paying Stephanie. We just laugh it

At about 830am David calls me to ask if I have his Debit card. While on
the phone with he also realizes his Credit card is missing. I check
online and nothing has been charged to the accounts. We call
Stephanie's house and Tyler says he didn't take them. Stephanie does
not see them in his book bag. So we put a hold on his accounts.

At lunchtime David goes home and looks for them. Sure enough they were
in Tyler's wallet. Stored just like Daddy does. I am hoping he ordered
me a nice Christmas gift!! These kids they don't even want cash these
days, they just want the plastic. He is just too smart for his own
good! I fear when Emma does this.

Here are some photos by Tyler!

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