Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nick’s Lake

I really love the Fall and I live for the Adirondacks in the fall.  I wish i could take all my vacation time this time of year!  This past weekend we took the opportunity to go up Nick’s Lake for a weekend camping trip.  We had a great site on the water and some friends came with us.

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while we were camping, we left the graham crackers out on the picnic table.  It attracted some friends in the name of Ricky the Raccoon.  He managed to get my 4 lock container open and ate every little bit.  But the silly critter left behind footprints on our picnic table..so we know who did it

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The next night he came back looking for more while we were sitting around the fire!  He was wasn’t even afraid of us.

Until our next adventure. 

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