Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting dirty!

What a great CNY weekend we had weather wise! it was great! We spent just about every moment outside. Boy were my kids dirty!

So this is how i am finding a few minutes to post! i gave emma a ice pop! i dont think she likes this flavor! She looks like pig pen.

We spent so much time in the gardens. I would say they are about 90% complete. We need to add our tomatoes, peppers and maybe brussell sprouts.

This is the big garden, with the reseeded onions, corn, sunflowers, potatoes, pumpkins, cukes, squash. I was digging out the onions and a butterfly landed on my toe. of course i had just set the camera down
This is how a redneck makes holes in the plastic with a torch. It actually very smart!
Tyler was suppose to be planting corn but he ended up with corn seed in his boot and a worm in his hand...go figure!My Rhodies bloomed! if you look on top of the front flower you will see the big bee that spent the day with the flowers
My new flag and front porch baskets..compliments of Szarek Farms . Speaking of Szarek Farms if you are looking for great veggies this summer and you just dont have the time or the space for a garden join their CSA (Community Supporting Agriculture). Just click on the word Szarek Farms above to go to the Three Goat Farm CSA. For more on their line of salsa visit here !
The boys worked up a storm
Our little acres has broccoli planted! This is the middle litte garden the middle will be home to some peppers soon, it also has green beans and lettuce.
My spinach and Peas look great! this is the original little garden. it was fully planted last week, with onion, garlic (only 1 plant since the crows took the rest..grr), spinach, peas, and yellow beans.

My yellow beans grew 3 inches this week from the warm weather. Last week they were just coming out of the ground.

Things also started blooming this week. We are like the last people to get lilacs.
I created my own pots this weekend. The pots for the deck had herbs for cooking. The tall plant is called black and blue, i have theme, sweet potato vine and begonias in this one. I moved it to the front walk way to get more sun. It should look great once my morning glory grows around the lamp post.
I have 2 of these on the bench of the deck, Basil (Sweet and spicy), rosemary, and ParsleyThe kids had a blast with the sprinkler...but we did learn a lesson.......

Dont use the sprinkler right after mowing the lawn.. 2 kids will carry 5 pounds of grass into the house!

One morning we had a very heavy dew. I loved this spider web. Its perfect, with no flaws. Tyler told me it wasn't called a spider web its called a Cobb-web and we need to knock it down. Ahh little boys! This afternoon he was amazed by 10,000 ants on our sidewalk. Don't you wish you could go back to those days?? You didn't have stress, or deadlines, bills or 401K?
This sunrise made me want to call into work and sit outside with my coffee, just enjoying the quiet time!
Well it is a dawn of a new week! I hope to post later this week about some books i have read...I know shocking that I read a real book!!! Enjoy the weather and find time to get dirty!

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Jenny said...

Kristen- looks awesome. Can't believe you are just getting lilacs. Ours are almost dead by now. Here's hoping for an abundant harvest & lots of canning!