Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In honor of today's date, 09-09-09!!, here are 9 fun things going one with us!! I love number things!!

1) 9 great scrapbook pages

Brag book for my desk..i went back to work this week. But instead of working 9 hours i am work 4.5 for a few days.

2) on Saturday, i canned 9 qts of Peaches, ok 8 qts. The first time i ever preserved peaches..i hope they are good because it seemed like alot of work! But i did start at 9pm that night and finished around 12am.

3) I also made some Hot pepper Jam..thanks to aunt Laurie (but she really got it from Aunt Cathie). We only made 4 half pint containers. Its very hot..people are saying its a 9 alarm hot!!

4) We had 9 times the fun with smores and popcorn in honor of Labor day!

5) 9 Sunflowers

6) 9 Kisses

7) Can you find the 9 pheasants?

8) 9 months of good eatting

9) 9 great photos!

A visit from Carla!
Love'n my tub!
Talking to Nana
Logan and Tyler playing in the water one more time before school. Logan starts on the 10th and tyler starts on the 15th.

Love and
Silly Family members


Until later in the week....

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